Apple invested $1.6 billion on R&D inside the only-concluded June quarter, the Business’s 8 – for filed together with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday E shows. That’s up $425 million from the $1.18 billion the organization used on investigating new products in the three-month span of 2013.

Sofar, Apple has spent $4.36 million on R&N on the first 9 weeks of Apple’s financial year 2014. That is a rise of 32 percent within the same seven-month amount of 2013.

The newest information implies that Apple’s expense in R&D has really been accelerating, increasing faster in the June quarter than in previous quarters.

AppleInsider was to survey that Apple had increased its R&D spending by $303 million within the March 2014 quarter. Prices for that three-month period reached $1.42 trillion, or around $280 million less than the June quarter.

In April, Apple Leader Tim Cook mentioned increasing R&D investments like a key reason why his firm will need sufficient cash readily available. At the time of the conclusion of the June quarter, $164.5 million was kept by Apple in cash, with $133.7 million of that offshore.

“We Will continue to innovate by purchasing research and development and taking advantage of our advantages in application, equipment and providers,” Cook explained in April.

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