No iMac nor 8GB iPhone 52 debut at WWDC


Jim Dalrymple – the notorius “Yep”/”Nope” journalist and Apple specialist – gave “nope” today when asked whether Apple will be introducing the new iMac or a lower-capacity 8GB iPhone at WWDC at Monday.
The moste recent “Nope” came as a response to a report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who annouced earlier today that we can expect new launches at WWDC. According to Kuo, Apple was getting ready to launch the new iMac and the humble 8GB iPhone 5s, created with emerging markets in mind.
Even though iMac update is not on the horizon, we can pick a few hints here and there that a refresh is cooking for a later date, inluding the reference to the new iMac models in the OS X 10.9.4 beta released by the developers today.

Will the new iMac fancy a price drop? It remains to be seen. It is not completely improbable given the fact that we’ve seen the $100 price drop on the recently updated MacBook Airs.

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