Apple made a substantial investment into research and improvement earlier this quarter, increasing spending within the category by 36 percent on the same quarter reports Financial Times. As noted by BTIG Research analyst Walt Piecyk, Appleis $1.6 billion quarterly investment shows 4 percent of sales, the best proportion of paying in D R& since 2006, the entire year before Apple launched the primary iPhone.

This surge supports rumors the company is investing significantly in more than just fresh iPhones, iPads, and Apples because of its future product pipeline. Apple CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly proved the organization is getting ready to enter new product categories, with Cook saying Apple is performing “truly good stuff.” Apple’s Internet Software and Services key Eddy Cue readily observed that Apple’s prepared products for 2014 are “the top product direction that I’ve noticed in my 25 years at Apple.”

The highlight of the services is probably the iWatch, a fitness – oriented rumored for launch later this season. The sensor-laden wearable device is likely to sync with all the iPhone including with a new Health application for iOS 8 and might check vital health variables for example blood pressure, oxygen levels and hydration status. A recently awarded patent tips at a number of the advanced connectivity features Apple can upload in to the unit in future iterations.

Over the past many years, Apple has been selecting several wearables and medical experts, possibly to work on the iWatch group. Apple has also been seeking hires from the fashion industry including former sales director of luxury watch business TAG Heuer Patrick Pruniaux and previous Yves Saint Laurent boss Paul Deneve. New retail chief Angela Ahrendts also originates from the fashion industry, having served as CEO of Burberry.
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