A rumor claiming White House Secretary Jay Carney is within the operating to head relations up at Apple — considered to have already been set to sleep the other day — was resurrected having a new document stating he’s still thinking about the situation, on Saturday.

In a written report quoting a friend of Carney’s, Bloomberg promises the former press secretary has indeed written with Apple over taking over former PR primary Katie Cotton’s chair, but has not yet decided on the problem.

Carney was cagey about his upcoming job prospects and dropped to clear up the Apple rumor, if the book reached out for comment.

“I am talking a couple of selection of potential possibilities to plenty of different people,” he said.

Re/Signal reported that Carney was in discussions to become the next vice president of communications of Apple a week ago, but the gossip was refuted the next day by well-connected reporter Jim Dalrymple, who said, “Nope. Tim Cook hasn’t even met Jay Carney.”

It was reported in August that Apple CEO Tim Cook was privately about the look for “highprofile outside applicants” to replace Cotton after the publicity vet retired from the business in May. Speculation at that time pegged longtime Apple spokespeople Steve Dowling or Natalie Kerris as leading prospects to fill the – vacant position.

Carney, the former Washington bureau chief of Time Magazine, stepped down after 36 months in office as the press secretary in June of Leader Barack Obama. For Vice President Joe Biden, Carney served as head of communications just before his time with Obama.


Source: AppleInsider

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