Acme Made presented Ergo Book for iPad Air and iPad mini

Acme Made, an accessory design company, presented the Ergo Book case for iPad Air and iPad mini. With only 17mm in thickness, the Ergo Book packs a variety of useful functions, like the hidden swivel mechanism that allows 360 degree rotation and a stretchable strap for ergonomic use. Camera holes on the back of the case are obsolete as this case’s frame slides out for taking photos thus fully protecting the camera when not in use. Ergo Book is made of polyurethane laminate compound and its precisely fitted frame will keep your iPad safe. Last but not least, a magnetic function facilitates sleeping and waking your tablet thus preserving battery. You can pre-order Ergo Book through Acme Made’s Kickstarter with pledges starting at $35.

Energy saving software Power Manager 4.2 released

DssW announced today the release of the latest version of Power Manager 4.2 for OS X. The release features a brand new user interface and the need for restarting to install, update or remove the scheduler is now gone. Power Manager enables its users to effortlessly create elaborate energy saving schedules and automate complex tasks. Power Manager implemented two views – the events store and the engine.

All the events that are available to the scheduler are visible in the events store. Including the disabled ones. Events are created, named and managed using the previous interface. The new engine view now shows events as they exist in the scheduler; events with triggers that will go of at different times will now be displayed twice in the engine view (once for each trigger time). Operations like adjustment, triggering and canceling are all available from the engine view.

AppleScript has now been merged into the application while its command line tools have also been moved within the application bundle. Power Manager is priced at $75 and is supported by OS X 10.7 or later.

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