IOS 8 isn’t prepared yet for public use nevertheless, as Apple’s still adjusting it and ironing out the pests. But due to the lifetime of a developer preview, it’s really a relatively open process with changes arriving build.
IOS 8 beta 4, the newest version, has just landed, although most squashing the aforementioned bugs and of the adjustments are targeted at security, there’s one graphic change which especially stands apart: the humble Control Centre.

Functionally it’s the same eagle-eyed, although as ever observers will notice that the dark edges around icons are eliminated when triggered and that the circles are filled up with white, while in the icon as well as today’s type the black line itself becomes white.
Everything changes. Again.

Might not be final

It’s really a minor change that is unlikely to trigger too much division. Personally we’re not sure it was a change for the greater as we such as the general subtlety of the old-style. It really is worth noting though that there is no assurance it’ll still seem like this come discharge.

Apple is often making modifications towards the preview build therefore it might change it out again ahead of the version arrives. But while nothing is set in jewel this could properly be the future search of Control Centre.
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