The formerly banned iOS  Launcher App just got yesterday its first major update,  more than a year since its return to the App Store.

It was one of the first apps to take advantage of the Notification Center widgets, that  were introduces in iOS 8, by letting users add different things such as shortcuts to apps and tasks, therefore avoiding the need to swipe through screens or perform a Spotlight Search.
Apple originally launched Launcher back in 2014 and allowed it to be in the App Store for over a week, but then eventually removed it, calling it a “misuse” of widgets. However, a few months later, Apple re-thought its decision and the fully featured app gained approval.

In addition to app shortcuts, the Launcher App lets users configure personal workflows and add useful one-touch actions to the Notification Center, such as the ability to launch a favorite playlist or call a spouse. The new version arrives with support for many widgets that can be grouped together by certain themes. Widgets can also now be customized to show or become hidden based on day, time and location. This allows users to set a group of specific widgets that only appear when they’re at work or at the gym, for example.

A new automatic setup feature means the app can set up contact launchers for contacts that are most important to users, as well as their most used apps. The update also entails widget support for 3D Touch Quick Actions, in addition with the option to backup and restore custom widgets to iCloud.

Launcher is available as a free download on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, with paid features for additional widgets wich are available in-app.

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