Oxygenis XML Editor has received an update, emphasizing enhanced productivity for XSLT development. Containing a thorough group of methods that help XML related technologies, v16.0 adds “Quick Fixes” to refactoring action and improvements. Saxon- XPath queries, and CE specific extensions are supported and be applied on multiple files.

Conditional content might be done easier, with different color and types for each situation, or users may focus exclusively on the particular deliverable by hiding all excluded content. WebHelp be modified utilizing the new tables qualities activity and may be aesthetically tailored using DITA and DocBook tables, and the new skin builder. The full list of the included functions of the newest XML Editor can be accessed through Air.

OneBigGame launches SXPD: The Rookie comicbook game for iPad

Non profit OneBigGame, video game manager, has announced the release of SXPD: The Rookie, a hybrid comicbook and recreation, for iPad. The philosophy of the sport revolves around the SXPD, a female-only police force that fights hardship in the fictional city of New Royale’s adventures. Inspired by 8-bit activities, SXPD features a total 42- site electronic comic book and 6 game chapters to play through, together with multiple arcade modes. The-art and story are created by comicbook artist Duke Mighten.

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