In a video which was published to facebook yesterday on Friday , a part presupposed to be Apple’s “iPhone 6” cover glass was uncovered this time around failing to resist scratches from garnet sandpaper, a material softer than sapphire.

The component allegedly destined for Apple’s iPhone 6 exhibits exterior scratches after being applied by sandpaper, recommending the glass isn’t made from sapphire as observed in the screenshot. Within the video, the cover glass failing to avoid scratches from sandpaper, that will be significantly tougher than garnet is also shown by YouTuber Marques Brownlee.

Brownlee continues to describe comparable hardness’ Mohs range, observing one designated a diminished quantity scratchs a substance having a greater score can’t. For instance, sapphire — scored 9 out-of 10 about the Mohs scale — can’t be damaged by garnet, which is really a 7. Emery is just a combination of corundum and it is designated an 8 about the Mohs scale.

The nutrient tougher than sapphire a kind of corundum, is stone about the Mohs scale having a comparable hardness of 10.

More showing his stage, exactly the same sandpaper is taken by Brownlee towards the 5s, recognized to activity a display produced from the Gorilla Glass of Corning. As the show region is quickly damaged, the sapphire-included Contact ID house switch arrives unscathed.

With this newest check, it seems the 4-inch iPhone part isn’t made from sapphire, and Brownlee himself mentioned in a prior movie as reality.

At the moment, the components which were used to create the cover glass is unknown, although Brownlee suggests Apple has used a sapphire laminate patent to produce a “composite involving sapphire.” That particular IP, however, explains a technique of manufacturing specifically made to overcome surface scratches observed in the video, while in the same period providing resistance to exceptional flexibility.

Another essential question to ask is if the element is a genuine Apple component. The clear answer should come this fall when the company is expected to introduce its next generation iPhone lineup.


Source: AppleInsider

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